Neuropsychologist Education Requirements

A neuropsychologist is a professional who examine the relationship between the behaviour and the brain. They are the trained practitioners who possess very extensive understanding about the brain and its functionalities. Usually a neuropsychologist possesses a postgraduate degree in neuropsychology.

They work towards understanding the memory formation functions, effect of severe brain injuries on emotional response and physical and cognitive abilities. A neuropsychologist can work in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, research centres and academic institutions.

The candidate working in the field of neuropsychology assist their clients and patients who are suffering from any kind of brain injuries and neurological disorders. Their treatment aims at finding the solutions that will quickly lead the patients towards recovery. They also work as clinical neuropsychologists and try to ensure that their clients suffering from neural troubles quickly get back to their normal life.

They contain deep understanding about neural disease and disorders and help to train the families and care givers of the patients, to ensure the quick recovery with an overall supportive environment around the patients.

Neuropsychologist Education Requirements

  • Any candidate looking to become a neuropsychologist must contain a high school degree with biology or psychology as their major subject.
  • They can then attain a bachelor degree in psychology with a specialization in the subjects like clinical psychology, experimental psychology, behavioral neuroscience or social psychology.
  • To work as a clinical practitioner the candidate needs to get a doctoral degree or a post doctoral fellowship
  • With the fellowship they can continue with their education while working as a neuropsychologist.

Neuropsychologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The candidates who wish to pursue their career as a neuropsychologist must hold following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Associates or bachelor’s degree in psychology with a specialization in the subjects like clinical psychology, experimental psychology.
  • A doctoral degree or post doctoral fellowship.

Neuropsychologist Qualification and Training

The candidates who wish to pursue their career must get a formal degree in neuropsychology and must contain a very good knowledge about the latest development and practices taking place in the field of neuropsychology. They must have excellent analytical and observational skills to understand the exact cause behind the neurological troubles. They can aim for a post doctoral fellowship in a latest and relevant topic to continue adding knowledge to their career and education to their profile.

Neuropsychologist Colleges and Universities

Neuropsychologist Wages and Salaries

A neurologist can easily earn up to $72,300 per annum and depending upon their experience and qualification they can expect a hike in their salary.

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