Network Technician Education and Job Requirements

Network Technician Requirements

Network technicians are required to set up computer network connections to be able to use data from across the web. Most of the network technicians work alongside database administrators. They must be well aware of different network connections like Local Area Network, Wide area network, etc. They need to work with IP addresses, domain names, gateways, subnet masks, servers, etc. They must work as a support team to run the computer networks with ease. They should also be able to track and detect problems with network connections. The education requirements and job requirements of a network technician are mentioned below.

Education Requirements:

  • Students who consider a career as a network technician should have strong foundation in computer sciences, mathematics, etc.
  • Students can take up computer engineering and specialise in networking.
  • There are also various training programs that teach networking skills. Students can get certifications from such institutes.
  • Other additional courses that can be taken are operating systems, computer software and hardware, etc.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates may work in research, database administration, network engineering companies, etc.
  • As there is rapid change in technology, candidates are expected to be proactive and quick learners.
  • Candidates may sometimes need to work overtime.
  • Candidates should also undertake regular maintenance with shorter downtime so as to avoid any major shut downs.
  • Candidates should know how to install, upgrade, and service network systems as most of today’s work environment operates in a networking environment.
  • The candidate should have good analytical skills.

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