NCAA Core Course Requirements

The NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association core course requirements include high school graduation, fulfillment of certain SAT or ACT scores, and completion of specific courses which are mentioned. This semi voluntary body organizes the athletic events of colleges on a nation-wide scale, and thus, they seek students who are in their freshman year for participation. The core course requirements are meant for students in their freshman year, and thus, are quite intensive as well. The NCAA core course requirements include 16 credits with a specified course distribution, a minimum GPA or grade point average and a minimum qualification of SAT marks. It is a regulatory body which also provides financial aid to deserving students and thus, the NCAA core course requirements are extremely stringent and strict.

What NCAA core courses are offered by NCAA?

The following courses are offered by the NCAA for students who wish to obtain financial aid:

  • Completion of Division 1 Certification
  • Completion of Division 2 Certification

What is there to study in a NCAA core course?

In order to obtain admission to the NCAA body, a candidate needs to complete the following courses which the due credits in each:

  • Four courses in English
  • Two courses in mathematics
  • Two courses in natural or physical science
  • One additional curse in English, natural, physical science or mathematics, or foreign language.

These courses and the corresponding credits have to be obtained by the aspiring student within his freshman year. This has to be supplemented by a letter of intent and a personal statement which outlines his plans for sports and how he intends to succeed as well as professionally contribute to sports and its development in the country.

What should you do to get into a “NCAA Core” course?

  • In order to be eligible for an NCAA berth, a student will have to get a minimum SAT score of 700 with a GPA of around 2.5
  • For a student with a SAT score of 1400, a GPA of 1.7 is considered sufficient for admission.
  • Apart from SAT and GPA the student must also consistently perform well in academics, as well as in sporting events, he must pass high school with appreciable marks, and his letter of intent must be persuasive enough to guarantee him a place in the very competitive NCAA core course.

What research option you can have ahead in the field of NCAA?

The NCAA mainly aims at producing excellent sportspersons for the development of sport in the country. However, a student may wish to gain a doctorate degree in sports or sports management which will open the avenue of research for him.

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