Nail technician Education Requirements

Nail treatment business is rapidly growing business in cosmetology world especially in all the big cities and towns.  Nail technicians should be high-school passed as they have to interact with high profile clients in spas. Nail technicians should complete their bachelor degrees in nail art. GED and high school education is a prerequisite for nail technician in few states. Nail technicians should also, complete post secondary school. There are many cosmetology schools that also offer graduation courses on nail arts, which is also, quite helpful and crucial to become a professional nail technician.

Nail technician Education Requirements:

  • A nail technician must know Basic English.
  • A nail technician should have completed training program.
  • He should have a GED or diploma.
  • He should have completed post secondary training from a cosmetology school.
  • Outside the class nail technicians are required to complete internships for salon
  • He should be above the age of sixteen.

Nail technician Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A nail technician should have completed the following certification courses and bachelor programs courses.

  • Diploma in nail technician.
  • Certificate with state license.
  • Must complete a training program.

Nail technician Qualification and Training:

A nail technician can add to his experience and ability by getting a thorough training.  A nail technician is trained on how to use modern equipments to increase the beauty of nails. Students are taught salon management, artificial nail techniques, basic manicuring, how to control infection, diseases of nails and sanitation. He should also know removal and application of various silk nails, porcelain nails, fiber glass nails and acrylic nails. Before taking up job every nail technician should know nail coloring and nail extensions as well. Training also, covers topic of safety which is crucial. Above mentioned skills are   parts of training which a nail technician should undergo to understand the job responsibility better.  So, if you are interested to build your career in this field you will have to undergo right training and have a degree to serve the clients better. A nail technician should know modern and sophisticated methods to attain name and fame.

Nail technician Colleges and Universities:

Nail technician Wages and Salaries:

A nail technician can earn anything between $12,000 -$ 42,000 depending on the salon his work profile, dedication and sincerity. Earnings also depend on number of hours worked and charges rendered, etc. Earnings also, vary from one salon to other saloon.

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