Music Teacher Education Requirements

For those looking to work in the field of imparting music training or creative arts, a bachelor’s degree in music education is the minimum desired qualification. Music education degrees are also available at the doctoral level. A music teacher or instructor can seek employment at elementary and secondary schools as well as music schools. Students specializing in music but not willing to take it up professionally can seek employment in schools and colleges. Music education involves a combination of theory and practical classes. Sometimes an aspirant can get a general bachelor’s degree and undergo a diploma course in music.

Music Teacher Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree programs in music introduce students to music theory lessons. Undergraduate programs emphasize on the philosophy of education as also child psychology courses.
  • Those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music could be required to complete a course in assessing music learning to teach at secondary and elementary schools.
  • Many schools require a student to submit ACT or SAT scores along with a recommendation letter from a certified music instructor. Professional music schools could ask the aspirant to demonstrate their primary instrument of study.

Music Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are the degrees and certifications required for a music teacher:

  • Bachelor of arts in music
  • Master of arts in music
  • PhD in music theology
  • Diploma in music education
  • Certificate in vocal training

Music Teacher Qualifications and Training

Having obtained the requisite degree, the music teacher must get the requisite license from the states Board of Education. A bachelor’s degree is a must for the license as well as a fixed number of credits and completion of a fixed number of hours of classroom coaching internship.

Music Teacher Colleges and Universities

Music Teacher Wages and Salary

Post graduate music teachers can earn about $68,000 annually if employed by schools and music colleges.

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