Music Editor Education Requirements

Any person who does the job of music arrangement and music editing for movies, TV ads, music videos and TV Shows are called music editors. Music editors are supposed to work according to the vision of the director and create music effects as per the requirement of the mood of the song and the scene or visual.  They work with music composers and technicians in order to create perfect music pieces.

Since this job has a lot to do with music, one must have a passion for music and knowledge of music editing to be able to get a job as a music editor.  To be hired as a music editor, one need to fulfill certain education and other requirements and the following is a list of the compulsory ones:

Music editor Education Requirements

  • One must complete high school education atleast to be able to bag a job as a music editor for movies, videos, commercials and TV shows.
  • While graduation or bachelor’s degree is not a compulsory requirement, there are several associate programs and bachelor’s courses in music editing, music theory and composition which can be ideal for becoming a music editor.
  • Many music editors have specialized degrees or diplomas in sound editing and score compositions as well.

Music editor Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are some of the courses and certifications which every music editor must possess or obtain in order to get a job:

  • High school diploma from a recognized school of the state is mostly a mandatory requirement.
  • Undergraduate degree program in music editing, song composition, music theory etc. can be asked for by some of the employers.
  • There are several diploma courses in advanced multimedia music software or music theory etc. that can be taken up by an aspiring music editor to improve his/her skills.

Music editor Qualification and Training

Apart from formal education, a music editor needs to have knowledge and passion for music and should be enough experience of working with music editing software. For this, he/she can train under a music editor for a certain period of time or may work as a sound technician for a music production company.

Music editor Colleges and Universities

Music editor Wages and Salaries

The salary of a music editor is not fixed as it depends upon the number of job opportunities that come his way. But on an average, the expected yearly salary is $47350 in US.

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