Multimedia Developer Education Requirements

A multimedia developer makes use of computer programming and visual artistry skill to design hardware or software programs that can be used in business establishments, schools, colleges, universities, entertainment companies and marketing agencies.

Typically most employers require a multimedia developer to have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree, but some may also accept associate degrees, certifications and/or hands-on experience in multimedia development.

Multimedia Developer Education Requirements

The education requirements to become a multimedia developer include the following:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Associate degree
  • Master’s degree

Multimedia Developer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The degrees, courses and certification required to become a multimedia developer include the following:

  • BS in Communication – Communication and Technology
  • BS in Communication – Culture and Communication
  • Bachelor of Science – Media Communications
  • BS in Digital Arts and Design
  • BA in Visual Communication – Multimedia and Web Design
  • BFA in Cinema Production
  • Associate of Arts in Communication
  • AAS in Visual Communications – Multimedia and Web Design
  • AS in Web Design
  • AAS in Interactive Media Design
  • MFA in Media Design
  • Master in Computer Animation
  • Certificate in 2D Animation

Multimedia Developer Qualifications and Training

A multimedia developer should have the knack to work alone as well as in a team. The person should have an eye for design, layout, typography and color composition. The person should have experience in programming and/or software engineering. In addition, the person should also have problem solving skills, outstanding mathematical skills and good analytical skills.

The person should know to integrate computer applications, multimedia arts and programming techniques together. The person should have knowledge of interface designs, graphic designing and multimedia production. Usually a multimedia developer gains this experience while studying and it is reinforced while working. The person should be conversant with latest technology in multimedia development and this could mean having to go for courses and other training programs to keep abreast of the latest developments. No formal training is imparted to a multimedia developer.

Multimedia Developer Colleges and Universities

Multimedia Developer Wages and Salary

The salary of a multimedia developer is about $81,000 per year on an average. However, there are many others who earn a much higher salary because they have more experience, higher education, and are better conversant with different aspects of multimedia development. It is not unheard of multimedia developers earning as much as $90,000 or more, especially those who use Flash.

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