Motorboat Mechanic Education and Job Requirements

Motorboat Mechanic Requirements

A Motorboat mechanic repairs different types of boats. They are responsible for repairing functions like changing engines, filling oil, changing equipments like engine, motor, valves, etc inside the inboard or outboard motored boats. Most of the motorboat mechanics are specialised in handling, maintaining, and repairing boats with a few years of experience. Motorboat mechanics can also work for government by servicing state or federal boats, ships, etc. This can strengthen the naval capacity and network of the government.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates are required to complete high school and Bachelor’s degree or get an equivalent certification in mechanics.
  • Courses like vehicle repair, engine handling, and mechanical maintenance are considered relevant and are valued during recruitment and selection.
  • Training courses and on-the-job training will be provided during work. But expertise in handling boats will be considered extremely useful.

Job Requirements:

  • Motorboat mechanics are expected to follow standard operating procedures and apply safety techniques. This is required to avoid any breakdowns or unlawful flow of materials in water bodies.
  • Candidates are expected to use tools for repair with dexterity.
  • Since errors in boats may become major, applicants are required to be expert in handling the machine parts of a boat, electrical and electronic equipments needed to repair boats, etc.
  • Candidates are needed to pick up the tricks of trade on the job within the first few weeks.
  • They should have the ability to detect problems and solve them. So the job will be extremely challenging.
  • Candidates are expected to know specialised computerized handling of equipments for diagnosis and repair.

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