Motor Cycle Racing Education and Job Requirements

Motor Cycle Racing Requirements

Motor Cycle racing is something that can be undertaken on many levels right from some of the local clubs to world championships. There are a lot of hazards that are involved in a motor cycle racing which are present in the competitive atmosphere of the races. To become a good motor cycle racer a person should have a lot of practice and have competed at junior level races right from a young age of about 18 years. Even though formal training is not necessary it will be an added advantage to take training from a professional racing school.

Educational Requirements

  • Minimum educational qualification of high school is preferred though it is not compulsory.
  • Knowledge of car control, racing tactics, driving style, safety rules, motorcycle racing dynamics and chassis setup are essential.
  • Should obtain a professional license to ride a racing motorcycle from an automobile racing organization.
  • Registration to any of the major sanctioning organizations for undertaking a race according to the rules related to the sport.

Job Requirements

  • The motorcycle rider must be skilled to ride and handle a bike at high speeds.
  • Should have good reflexes and proper coordination.
  • They should possess good judgmental skills apart from quick decision making skills.
  • They need to be very courageous to handle any crisis situation while undertaking the race.
  • They are expected to be extremely alert as a danger can strike at any time during the race and can be fatal.
  • Candidate being well spoken and friendly will be an added advantage when representing sponsors.

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