Morgue Technician Education

The morgue technicians are the professionals who assist medical professionals in autopsies and morgue attendants in their job responsibilities. They are responsible for providing assistance in post-mortem work. There are no formal education requirements for a candidate looking forward to become a morgue technician and a high school diploma is considered enough as qualification.

But candidates educated in mortuary science or medical laboratory education also find job opportunities in this field. Although this profession is quite odd, as professionals are required to work with dead bodies, but individuals can find good career opportunities in this field also. However, the education requirements to be eligible for morgue technician’s job are different in every state and candidates must satisfy the state criteria to apply for the job.

Morgue technician Education Requirements:

  • Any candidate who wants to pursue his career as a morgue technician must have passed high school or must possess equivalent education.
  • These candidates can also consider degree level education programs in mortuary science or laboratory science to qualify as a morgue technician.
  • These candidates must have interest in human body and science, and should possess an inquisitive set of mind.

Morgue technician Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Prospective morgue technicians must consider following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Associate degree in mortuary science or laboratory science
  • Bachelor’s degree in mortuary science, crime scene investigation, criminal justice or laboratory science
  • These candidates must also obtain required certifications and license as per their state law before initiating their career as a morgue technician

 Morgue technician Education Qualification and Training:

A morgue technician is required to assist pathologist in autopsy procedures and are also required to take care of the administrative tasks of the morgue. For both these job responsibilities these candidates need to have proper training that they can get either from an education program focusing on these subjects or from hands on training in a morgue.

These candidates must gather all the required skills before applying for the job. One of the important aspects of the morgue technician job is the law enforcement process. While working as morgue technician, you would have to collect clues about death circumstances and find out if anything goes wrong with respect to law and order. Hence you must be good in observation skills and you must pay attention even to the minutest details.

Morgue technician Education Colleges and Universities:

Morgue technician Education Wages and Salaries:

These technicians can earn up to $25,000 – $40,000 on annual basis.

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