Mining Engineer Education Requirements

Mining engineers should have profound knowledge of the field in which they are working at and proper understanding of the technical skills implemented for mining. Therefore, formal education is one of the important necessities of this job. One intended to join this field must undergo undergraduate program of 4years duration on mining engineering or technology or in subjects related to earth science. This is important as the individual have to be well-acquainted with technical skills of mining as well has should have the potential to gauge the environmental safety.

Advance and extensive knowledge in this field could also be acquired through post graduation on the same field.

Mining Engineer Education Requirements:

  • The candidate should at least possess a bachelor’s degree in Mining engineering so that he could understand the basic technical aspects of various mining applicability. However, one can also pursue bachelor degree in any subject related to earth science like geochemistry, geology, mechanical or chemical engineering or related field.
  • Following it, an individual can also pursue for masters degree in mining engineering or mining and mineral engineering in order to gain extensive knowledge on the subject and so that they could implement it essentially in the work front.
  • Professional courses in this field are necessary for those who have a background of completing graduation taking up subjects of earth science as Major. This helps them to learn practical implementation and technical skills of this field.

Mining Engineer Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The individual who wish to work as a mining engineer must possess certain degrees and certifications so that their skills are rightly acknowledged:

  • Bachelor of Engineering or Technology- Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Geology, Geochemistry or any other subject related to earth science.
  • Master of Engineering or Technology- Mining Engineering or Mining and Mineral Engineering.
  • Certification Courses on weather study, process of mineral extraction, drilling and digging, soil testing etc.

Mining Engineer Qualifications and Trainings:

Mining engineer should have on-hand training experiences of their probation period so that they could serve the job position at its best. Extra qualifications can also be gained through participation in extensive and challenging mining projects or research work.

Mining Engineer Colleges and Universities:

Mining Engineer Wages and Salaries:

The salary of a mining engineer generally ranges between $89,670 -$91,566. However, it varies according to the work profile, organization, project, skills sets and experience of the concerned employee.

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