Merchandiser Planner Education Requirements

Merchandise planners are those professionals who do the planning, direction, supervision and execution of merchandise buyers and sellers. The merchandise planners also help in buying of production materials or purchase of services. The merchandise planner is primarily planning for the future demand for merchandise and the locations which will attract the maximum customers. This helps in strategizing and resource allocation for the consecutive periods. Candidates who would like to become merchandise planners must take up studies in marketing and sales, operations management, purchasing management, etc. Candidates should also have a good knowledge of supply chain management and have the ability to execute plans effectively and in a timely manner.

Merchandiser Planner Educational Requirements

  • There are many courses that may be suitable for candidates who are aiming to become merchandise planners. Some of the courses are bachelor in business administration, design and merchandising, product and purchasing management among others.
  • Candidates are also required to have at least a couple of years of work experience in logistics, retail, planning, materials management, sales and marketing, etc.
  • Candidates should also be good at mathematics and statistics as they help candidates to analyze trends and forecast the demand in the short term or long term future.

Merchandiser Planner Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates aiming to become merchandise planners can choose the following courses in their graduation and post graduation:

  • BS in Business Administration – Purchasing
  • AAS in Business Administration
  • BA in Fashion Merchandising
  • BFA in Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • Graduate Certificate – E-Commerce Management

Merchandiser Planner Qualifications and Training

If candidates are looking to gain additional certifications, they can do so by enrolling into courses that teach financial ratios, sales forecasting and trends in business. These courses can prove to be immensely valuable for the candidates when they are hired for the position of a merchandise planner and are executing their responsibilities.

Merchandiser Planner Colleges and Universities

Merchandiser Planner Wages and Salaries

Merchandise planners will be able to find work opportunities in soft drink companies, retail grocery firms, food and beverage companies, retail and general merchandise companies, etc. About 49% of the candidates working in the US as merchandise planners possess 1-4 years of relevant work experience. Candidates working as merchandise planner are paid an hourly rate ranging between $8 and $15. This translates to an annual compensation for a merchandise planner to be anywhere ranging from $18,000 to $52,000. These estimates and projections are taken from the Pay Scale website.

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