Merchandise Coordinator Education and Job Requirements

Merchandise Coordinator Requirements

A Merchandise coordinator is an essential touch point with the customer working to sell products and pleasing the customers with the products and services of the firm. A Merchandise Coordinator procures finished products from the production department of the firm, employs good sales persons at the front desk, ensures that the quality of products is good, and sends by old, outdated or defective merchandise back to the production department of the firm. So a Merchandise Coordinator needs to work with multiple teams and ensure customer satisfaction.

Education Requirements:

  • Employers expect to select candidates with at least graduation in merchandising, sales and distribution, marketing management, etc.
  • Candidates should get hands on experience in merchandise management through internship or apprenticeship.
  • Candidates with a couple of years experience are preferred over the others.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates should have a cheerful attitude towards handling the kiosk and the customers.
  • Candidates should ensure customer satisfaction and take care to register and solve customer complaints.
  • As a Merchandise manager, you are expected to handle multiple responsibilities, and work with different teams.
  • Good communication skills are a must for this role.
  • Quality assurance, third party logistics, and replenishing old or outdated merchandise with new ones form some of the key responsibilities of a Merchandise Coordinator.
  • Advertising, distribution, sales, and promotion tactics should be well understood.
  • A Merchandise coordinator is a key person who can also predict future demands of the customer and help the firm come out proactively with better products and services.

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