Mental Health Counselor Education Requirements

A mental health counselor education requirement focuses on those aspects that are required for an individual working in the position of a mental health counselor in a clinic or a medical care facility. The individual should be trained how to treat mental health problems like suicidal impulses, addictions, stress, depression, substance abuse, self-esteem issues, career issues etc. of the patients. The mental health counselor decides upon a treatment plan for the patients after making observations and also conducting aptitude, personality and psychological tests.

The education of a mental health counselor teaches them about the various treatment plans. A mental health counselor also needs to have coordination skills as they have to work closely with mental health professionals, psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists. There are various bachelor’s degrees than an individual pursuing a career as a mental health counselor can undertake. The course of a mental health counselor should also teach them how to improve their written as well as oral communication skills.

 Mental Health Counselor Education Requirements:

  • A mental health counselor must have a high school degree which should include subjects like biology, geometry, algebra, English, sociology, computer skills, speech and psychology.
  •   A mental health counselor must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology, counseling, education, social work.
  • A mental health counselor must have a master’s degree in psychology and counseling.
  • A mental health counselor may also need to have a doctoral degree in order to do research work.
  • A mental health counselor can also receive a voluntary certification from different nationally recognized bodies.

Mental Health Counselor Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The various degrees, courses or certificates that a mental health counselor can pursue are as follows:

  • High school degree with subjects like psychology, biology, sociology etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology and counseling.
  • Doctoral degree in psychology
  • Voluntary certification from The National Board of Certified Counselors

Mental Health Counselor Qualification and Training:

A mental health counselor must have training in crisis management and preventative counseling in order to get a job. Some mental health counselors need to have a license and a certification in order to continue practice. A mental health counselor with an internship is more likely to get a job.

Mental Health Counselor Colleges and Universities:

Mental Health Counselor Wages and Salaries:

The average annual earning of a mental health counselor is around $51,500. Counselors who work in a family or rehabilitation centre earn on an average $35,570 per annum.

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