Medical Sales Education Requirements

Medical sales job is similar to other sales job as it is a result driven job, and the only difference is that; here the products which need to be sold are medical products. Hence to enter the medical field, you can opt for any education program concentrating on medical or sales knowledge as this job does not requires some specific degrees. To prove yourself as an eligible candidate for the job, you need to have the medical knowledge and a flair for selling.

Many candidates can also opt for medical sales vocational courses after graduating from any stream for a career in medical sales. The education for medical sales focuses on educating the candidates for selling medical products for which along with medical knowledge, presentation and communication skills also play a vital role.

Medical sales Education Requirements:

  • The mandatory requirement for medical sales job is that candidate must have passed high school.
  • Any bachelor’s or master’s degree in sales or medical sciences will add up to the credibility of the candidate.
  • Certifications related with medical sales are mandatory for candidates who have not attained their graduation degrees in medical courses.
  • High school diploma
  • Bachelors or master’s degrees in sales, business management, marketing, biology, health sciences, pharmaceuticals, medicine, clinical studies or chemistry.
  • Cp.m.R certification (Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative)
  • RMSR certification ( Registered Medical Sales Representative)
  • Vocational courses on medical products, medicine or medicinal science also enhance your skill set for medical sales representative job.

Medical sales Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Medical sales Qualification and Training:

Medical sales job is after all is a job based on selling the products, hence apart from the courses or education programs concentrating on medical knowledge, a major skill set for sales is also required to make a successful career in medical sales field.

The candidate should also possess a flair for selling products which requires a good personality and presentation skills, effective communication and listening skills, understanding of financial and economic aspects of sales, and a very good knowledge of the products to be sold.  This skill set gives you a successful and rewarding career in medical sales field.

Medical sales Colleges and Universities:

Medical sales Wages and Salaries:

The salary for a medical sales representative depends on his education, experience, knowledge that he possesses. Medical sales representatives earn approximately somewhere between $30,000 to $80,000 depending on the skill set and experience. Apart from salaries, medical sales representatives can also earn perks by performing extraordinarily.

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