Medical Research Education Requirements

A medical research professional is one who works in the research and development department in the field of medicine to develop cures and treatments to ailments that affect human, plant or animal life. The medical research professional should have a rich expertise in the field to rise in the carrier level and get this position. So students who are looking forward to becoming medical research professionals should benefit from a specialized course in which they want to opt to do a research in. Candidates are required to gain in depth knowledge in various subjects of medicine and have inclination towards research. They are required to spend long hours doing clinical trials and experiments to develop new symptoms, treatments, facts, etc. in their medical field.

Medical Research Educational Requirements

  • Most of the employers need only Ph.D. candidates for the position of a medical research professional. So interested aspirants can get their graduation in medicine, choose a field for doing the specialized course and pursue their research thereafter.
  • Other subjects that are useful while conducting medical research are mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, chemistry, etc.
  • Candidates should choose only those courses in esteemed institutes that teach practical clinical experimentation classes and have the latest infrastructure in terms of laboratories, medical equipment, etc.

Medical Research Degree, Courses, and Certifications

There are various courses that students can choose from to pursue their courses in medical research. The following are some of the recommended courses:

  • BS in Health Science
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • MS in Health Care Administration
  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering Technology

Medical Research Qualifications and Training

Candidates who have completed their masters or Ph.D. would be eligible to apply for the position of a medical research professional. They are required to work extensively in the medical laboratories by coordinating with other medical professionals like medical technicians, assistants, physicians to bring about developments in the field of medicine. The medical research professionals should know the standard practices and safety procedures that are employed in hospitals or medical nursing centers while collecting data and carrying out analysis. The candidates should be flexible with long working hours.

Medical Research Colleges and Universities

Medical Research Wages and Salaries

Candidates can work as medical research professionals in health care centers, health clinics, specialized medical centers like gynecology, pediatrics, etc. According to the salary estimates of National Salary data developed by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a medical research professional ranges from $37,000 to $94,000 with the median salary being about $65,000.

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