Medical Records Clerk Education Requirements

The medical records clerk education requirement needs to be very basic in nature and hence you don’t need to pursue any medical degree in particular. The medical records clerk education primarily revolves around maintaining the health care records of a patient and making it available prior to any surgery, treatment, or for observation.

The education should involve coursework that includes several medical aspects like knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, health information related legal aspects, knowledge of physiology, medical coding, quality improvement methods, abstraction of medical data, database management, statistics, and computer science. This knowledge along with training sessions involving how to work with database and record management tools on computers and otherwise will ensure that you are able to pursue a career as a medical records clerk.

Medical Records Clerk Education Requirements:

  • The most basic step towards becoming a medical records clerk career is school education. You need to start by completing your high school diploma or an equivalent education.
  • You can then pursue a bachelor’s degree or associate degree program in administrative management or administration. Apart from this, you can also pursue an associate program from a community college for medical coding or medical technician.
  • A certification course in medical terminology and record maintenance will help in promoting your career. Some of the certifications that you can apply for include certification in application of medical terminology, certification program for interpretation of medical records, and certification program for maintenance of patient records.

Medical Records Clerk Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

If you want to pursue a career of a medical records clerk then you need to fulfill the basic educational requirements. The educational requirements include:

  • High school diploma with high scores
  • Bachelor of Science or Arts in administration
  • Certification in Medical Records Keeping

Medical Records Clerk Qualification and Training:

While you are studying for your bachelor’s or associate program in administration, you will be able to gain knowledge regarding how best administrative activities can be performed and this will help you to maintain patient records and catalogue them in a better way.

Medical Records Clerk Colleges and Universities:

Medical Records Clerk Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a medical records clerk varies from $22,567 to $34,557 while the median expected salary in the United States for a medical Records Clerk is $30,000. The average annual salary can vary according to the type of medical institution you are working with. The annual average salary for those working hospitals is $25,000 while that offered by private clinics is $15,000.

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