Medical Receptionist Education Requirements

The medical receptionist education requirement is very basic in nature. Since a medical receptionist does not require handling medical surgeries or medical treatments, the medical receptionist education should border around providing knowledge on administrative functions and medical language, terms, and general medical knowledge. The medical receptionist education should lay more stress on communication effectiveness, file storage, enhance type writing or computer skills, provide knowledge of disseminating and storing medical records of patients, maintain confidentiality related to patient information and health records and much more. There are certain certification courses available for medical receptionist and you can enroll for such a course in order to have that leverage over other candidates.

Medical Receptionist Education Requirements:

  • The first step towards a medical receptionist career is the basic education. You need to start by completing your high school diploma or an equivalent education.
  • Secondly, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree or associate degree program in administrative management or administration. This degree will add more value to your resume when you appear for an interview.
  • Thirdly. After completing your under graduate program, you can apply for a certification course in medical reception. Some of the certifications available include certification program for interpretation & application of medical terminology, certification program for processing medical accounts, certification program in principles of confidentiality of patient information, and certification program for maintenance of patient records.

Medical Receptionist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

In order to pursue a career as a medical receptionist you need to first fulfill all your educational requirements. The various educational requirements that you need to pursue include:

  • High school diploma with high scores
  • Bachelor of Science or Arts in administration
  • Certification in Medical Reception

Medical Receptionist Qualification and Training:

When studying for your bachelor’s program in administration, you will gain valuable insight into various administrative activities that will help you in maintaining patient records, cataloguing, maintaining databases, and working with new database technology, effective communication, and others. The certification courses will help you in gaining knowledge specific to medical receptionist job including learning medical terminologies, understanding various medical aspects of patients etc.

Medical Receptionist Colleges and Universities:

Medical Receptionist Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a medical receptionist varies from $20,000 to $50,000 while the median expected salary in the United States for a medical receptionist is $29,000. The average annual salary can vary according to the type of job responsibility and the organization you are working with. The annual average salary for a pediatric office receptionist is $39,000 while that of an animal hospital receptionist is $35,000.

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