Medical Lab Technologist Education Requirements

The medical lab technologist education requirement should prepare an aspiring candidate in handling situations related to detection or identification, diagnosis, as well as treatment of a disease. As a medical lab technologist, you will be spending most of your time examining body fluids as well as cells and analyzing the results to locate micro-organisms, parasites, or bacteria. Hence, it is important that you choose the right education to follow this career. The education should focus primarily on medical technology or life science, or biology. The prime objective of the education is to impart knowledge regarding the human body or anatomy with respect to the working or functions of different parts of the anatomy, differentiating between the good bacteria and the harmful ones, and learning how to work with medical technology and the state of the art tools, equipments, and new techniques.

Medical Lab Technologist Education Requirements:

  • The basic step towards pursuing a career in medical technology is completing school or equivalent education. You need to hold a high school diploma in order to enroll for higher studies.
  • The second step is to pursue a bachelor’s degree in life sciences, biology or medical technology. If you are planning to apply for majors in medical technology then you need to have a GPA score of 2.5 or more.
  • Some of the states in the US require a medical technologist to hold a license in order to apply for jobs or pursue an independent career. Getting a certificate of Medical Technologist by completing a certification course from reputed institutes like AMT will be helpful.

Medical Lab Technologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The career of a medical lab technologist requires you to have a basic medical background. In order to pursue this career, you need to fulfill the following educational requirements:

  • High school diploma with high scores. GPA scores above 2.5
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (BSED)
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
  • Certification of Medical Technologist

Medical Lab Technologist Qualification and Training:

During your bachelor degree program and certification course, you will get plenty of opportunities to practice whatever you learn in class in a lab. You will get the required training to handle various tools and technology required in this profession.

Medical Lab Technologist Colleges and Universities:

Medical Lab Technologist Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a medical Lab Technologist varies from $34,306 to $50,827 while the median expected salary in the United States for a medical Lab Technologist is $41,969. The average annual salary can vary according to the type of medical or research institution you are working with. The annual average salary for those working in Ohio State University is $42,892 while that offered by private laboratories is $46,416.

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