Medical Illustrator Education Requirements

A medical illustrator is someone who draws images of the human body, the internal organs, surgical procedures either through the usual way of drawing by using colors or a pen or uses digital tools to create these images. They may draw, make sculptures, paint, make models depicting the human anatomy by using materials like plaster, metal or clay. The educational requirements in this field needs one to be very good at drawing especially pay attention to the minute details and their studies deal with a combination of art and science.

They are taught different types of medical terms, techniques and surgical or treatment procedures and also get a general knowledge of the human body, which helps them to create exact images.

Medical Illustrator Education Requirements:

  • You should take art classes from a young age to master your skills and be proficient as you grow older.
  • In high school, you can take part in your school’s art programs which lay stress on art and science
  • Later you should take subjects like biology, botany, zoology, life sciences etc which will give you more knowledge about the anatomy of man
  • In college you can study art subjects like still life drawing, portraits, model painting, color theory and learn how to use graphic designing tools on the computer
  • Most students get a degree in art and have biology as a minor subject in their master’s level

Medical Illustrator Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a medical illustrator can study the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Master of Science in Biology
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts

Medical Illustrator Qualification and Training:

You can study biological science and art at the same time by taking art as your major subject and science as your minor subject. Observe and go through medical books and practice to draw as the more you do it, you will develop your skills. You can also get certified by the Association of Medical Illustrators to improve your credentials.

Medical Illustrator Colleges and Universities:

Medical Illustrator Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of a medical illustrator is $61,000 and but if you are very good and have work experience, your annual salary can go up to $150,000. The higher salaries are mostly earned by people at higher levels like supervisors or directors. Almost of the half the jobs are usually done by illustrators who get paid per project.

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