Medical Geneticist Education Requirements

A medical geneticist is a scientist who researches the genes present in human bodies, how they develop or behave and come together in an organism, which is then transferred from generation to generation within a family. Genes carry a code of human history, the basic characteristics of our existence is stored in genes and hence medical science studies them so that they can find information about some diseases or characteristics which are transferred from parent to child.

The education requirements for a medical geneticist should include a degree in genetics or subjects like microbiology, biochemistry or anything that studies life at the molecular level. There is a lot of research work required in this field so most medical geneticists need to have at least a master’s degree and preferably a PhD.

Medical Geneticist Education Requirements:

  • You should start by taking subjects like biology, zoology, life sciences, chemistry, math and physics in school\
  • There are many schools which provide the fundamentals of genetics study at a basic level
  • Later in college, you can get a bachelor’s master’s degree and a PhD in genetics
  • Some people also go for medical studies and then specialize in medical genetics which is separate branch
  • You also need to develop skills like having an eye for detail, problem solving skills and be very meticulous in your observation

Medical Geneticist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a medical geneticist can study the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Genetics
  • Master of Science in Genetics
  • PhD in Genetics

Medical Geneticist Qualification and Training:

The core educational training in genetics is given in subjects like genetic traits, cell biology, biochemistry and so on and you can get additional training in areas like embryology, diagnosis counseling, clinical genetics. Some doctors who specialize in genetics also use their knowledge solely for research purposes and to find out new discoveries hidden in our genes.

Medical Geneticist Colleges and Universities:

Medical Geneticist Wages and Salaries:

With the right qualifications and skills, medical geneticists can get a wide range of jobs; they can work as researchers in both private and government labs, pharmaceutical companies, they can be doctors and treat patients with genetic problems, they can be teachers in this field and so on. The salaries are dependent on the number of qualifications one has and what position he has. The average salary can be from $49,200 to $64,403 in a year.

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