Medical Examiner Education Requirements

The medical examiner education requirement should focus primarily on forensic science or forensic pathology. A medical examiner job revolves around performing post-mortem examinations, and has to play an important role in crime investigations involving murders. Hence, the education needs to prepare you for following such a career. The medical examiner education needs to focus on key areas of forensic science including toxicology and controlled substances, biology, understanding the different types of human hair, testing of human body fluids, DNA analysis, analyzing physical evidence like soil, blood spatter, glass etc, using the polygraph and understanding the results, fingerprinting and much more. The education should not only encompass the theoretical aspects but the practical aspects as well.

Medical Examiner Education Requirements:

  • In order to follow a career as a medical examiner, you will need to complete an under graduate program. In some of the US states, it is mandatory to complete a medical under graduate program while in other states; you can complete it with majors in any subject.
  • The second most important education option is to complete a program in forensic science or forensic pathology. This is the most important program for becoming a medical examiner.
  • You can also complete certification programs in various sub-areas of forensic science as a specialization like computational forensics, forensic anthropology, criminalistics, forensic DNA analysis, and much more.

Medical Examiner Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

If you want to pursue a career as a medical examiner then you need to complete the following educational programs:

  • High school diploma with high scores
  • Bachelor of Science in Medicine / Bachelor of Science in Surgery
  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science
  • American Board of Pathology (ABP) certification
  • American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) certification

Medical Examiner Qualification and Training:

While undergoing your medical course in surgery, medicine, or forensic science, you will be spending certain hours in the lab each year or each semester. As you work in the lab, you will be able to work on various processes hands-on like analyzing DNA, working with recombinant DNA technology, spending at least 20 hours in each semester on toxicology, and practical classes on various aspects of criminalistics.

Medical Examiner Colleges and Universities:

Medical Examiner Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a medical examiner can vary from $50,000 to $110,000 while the median expected salary in the United States for a medical examiner is $75,000. The average annual salary can vary according to the state you are working in like the minimum salary in Texas is $44,000 and that in California is $51,000.



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