Medical Examiner Assistant Education Requirements

A Medical Examiner Assistant is a person working in the field of medical science who is responsible for performing autopsies and assisting in several other tasks such as procuring tissues and organs etc. a Medical examiner assistant may also work in labs and hospitals to study suspicious deaths by analyzing wounds, conducting tests and finding the causes of deaths.

The duties of a medical examiner assistant are varied and complex and to work at this position, an aspirant must first fulfil certain education requirements, training requirements and some other such requirements. To know more about how you can become a medical examiner assistant, you can read the following information.

Medical Examiner Assistant Education Requirements:

  • To begin with, a medical examiner assistant must complete high school education with Science and Biology as the main subjects.
  • A Bachelors’ degree in a Science based subject such as Chemistry, Biology, and Forensic Science etc. is a mandatory minimum requirement.
  • The candidate can also pursue Doctor of Medicine or other related degree.
  • Knowledge about forensics, pathological anatomy, microscopy, toxicology and other such subjects is also mandatory.
  • One must also possess technical writing skills for this job.

Medical Examiner Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A candidate must fulfil the following given degree, course and certification requirements.

  • High school diploma from an accredited is the first diploma to obtain.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Forensics, Biology or Chemistry is a must.
  • Diploma courses in Forensics, Biology, Medical science or other related subject can also help.
  • Bachelor’s level education in Doctor of Medicine can also be the right path towards becoming a medical examiner assistant.
  • Master’s level education in the similar subject may also be asked for in some cases.

Medical Examiner Assistant Qualification and Training:

Apart from the formal education requirements or qualifications which are given above, a person with the right training and experience in the field is fit to work in a professional work setting. An aspiring medical examiner assistant thus needs to first train for a few months as an intern and gain some experience before stepping out for a formal job.

Medical Examiner Assistant Colleges and Universities:

Medical Examiner Assistant Wages and Salaries:

The salaries and wages of medical examiner assistants vary as per the work setting, the responsibilities and the exact job profile. But on an average, a person working at this position can expect to take home a yearly salary of $36915.



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