Medical Dosimetrist Education Requirements

A medical dosimetrist is a professional who has to monitor and administer the exact amount of radiation that is given to patient to treat conditions like cancer of different parts of the body. He works in the radiation oncology team and one must be very careful, as without following a precise amount, he can harm a patient by increasing or decreasing the amount of radiation.

The educational requirements are important as it is a field which requires technical expertise and the person must know about both the human body and how to operate the medical equipment. There is various degree and certification courses of different duration that one can choose from to get the training required for this job.

Medical Dosimetrist Education Requirements:

  • You must study math, biology, physics and chemistry at the school level to get the basic training in this field which will be helpful later
  • You can opt for a 4-year bachelor’s degree which will give you training on radiation techniques and equipment and how to use it or what effects it has on the human body.
  • You can go for further studies by doing a master’s in this field which will give you more knowledge and experience and increase your chances of getting a job
  • There are certification programs accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology which you can go for after you finish your studies and it involves a written test and an interview

Medical Dosimetrist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a medical dosimetrist can study any of the following courses to get the right training and skills:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science: Medical Dosimetry Concentration
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Radiation and Imaging Sciences
  • Certificate of Achievement Medical Dosimetry

Medical Dosimetrist Qualification and Training:

You can opt for any of the above mentioned courses which will give you training in medical equipment to be used for administering radiation to the patients, how to calculate the correct amounts, how to design treatment plans for patients with different types of cancers, being aware of the ethical and legal issues etc.

Medical Dosimetrist Colleges and Universities:

Medical Dosimetrist Wages and Salaries:

The average salary in this field is $98,000 per year and beginners can get $50,000 in a year. You may get a higher salary if you are certified. States like California and Illinois pay the highest salaries to medical dosimetrists.

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