Medical Data Analyst Education Requirements

A medical data analyst is responsible for analyzing medical data tests for analysis and detection of ailments in patients. The medical data analysts work in close coordination with other medical professionals for collection of patient reports and then go through them thoroughly by applying the medical knowledge that they possess. Candidates who want to become a medical data analyst should be knowledgeable about health services, testing and detection, usage of medical equipment, etc.

They should be conversant with health informatics and data analysis. The skills that are expected from a medical data analyst are good eye for details, excellent coordination skills, and keep patient data confidential from third parties. The following are some of the educational requirements that are required from a medical data analyst.

Medical Data Analyst Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who are aspiring to become a medical data analyst should take up courses in health administration, general public health, health sciences, etc.
  • Candidates can take up four year medical degree to gain the knowledge of medical test, ailments, diagnosis, medical jargon, etc.
  • Candidates should have hands-on experience by enrolling into courses related to the health care field by doing live projects and internships.

Medical Data Analyst Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates who would like to opt for the career option of a medical data analyst can consider taking up the following courses:

  • Doctor of Health Administration in Health Care Leadership
  • Master of Science in Health Informatics – General
  • AA in Health Care Administration
  • MS in Health Care Informatics
  • AS in Health Information Management

Medical Data Analyst Qualifications and Training

Candidates who would like to strengthen their candidates while applying for the job of a medical data analyst could take up certifications in the area of health care informatics, nursing – health care education certificate, medical assisting, etc. Candidates should develop their understanding of symptoms, treatments and cure of various diseases and ways to detect and diagnose them.

Medical Data Analyst Colleges and Universities

Medical Data Analyst Wages and Salaries

Candidates can work as medical data analysts in many companies in the medical field like hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes, etc. A medical data analyst can gain compensation in the range of $32,000 to $70,000 per annum. The median salary could be about $48,000 per annum. These estimates are given out by Pay Scale after conducting extensive research in the United States on the salaries paid out to various professionals working in various disciplines.

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