Medical Course Requirements

Medical course requirements include obtaining of the correct degrees, which can be done through succeeding in the entrance examination, as well as obtaining all the necessary proficiency in subjects and courses offered. 1 year of premedical coursework is a must and this can be completed even after completing an undergraduate education of four years. Care should be taken to ensure that the entrance examination is passed with high marks and high GPAs are maintained throughout the medical course. This is an important requirement of the medical course. The candidate must obtain a strong base in Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and English in order to succeed in the medical course requirements.

What medical courses are offered by Medical Institutes?

The following courses must be completed by the student in order to derive benefits of a standard Medical course:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery or MBBS
  • Bachelor’s degree in dentistry [BDS]
  • Post Graduation Degree in Medicine [MD]

What is there to study in a Medical course?

The following courses are mandatory for students of a medical course in order to become successful and legal practitioners of medicine:

  • Anatomy
  • Neuro-anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Histology
  • Embryology
  • Biochemistry

A premedical course requires a minimum of one years of rigorous education in Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physics and English. A high grade point average must be maintained in this period as most medical course requirements require a high GPA. If the student enters an undergraduate medical degree course, he has to complete at least five years, and if he enters a post-undergraduate medical degree course, he will have to complete four years of intensive course work.

What should you do to get into a “Medical” course?

  • A candidate needs to clear the MCAT examinations in order to get into a medical course. It is known as the MCAT which is an abbreviation for Medical College Admission Test. It is a standard, multiple choice examination which tests the candidate’s knowledge of subjects that he must have completed in his premedical or undergraduate course like Biology, Organic Chemistry and so on. It also tests his critical thinking skills as the time for the examination is not much. It has some sections like Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Writing Samples.
  • A high GPA of at least 3.5 must be achieved by the candidate in order to enter into a medical course. This is an important medical course requirement as it is a reflection of the sustained performance index of the candidate.

What research option you can have ahead in the field of Medicine?

There are many avenues for research for those candidates who are truly interested in the fundamentals of the subject. They can obtain further degrees, and contribute to the cause of medicine by using their in depth knowledge.

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