Medical Aesthetician Education Requirements

A Medical Aesthetician is a state licensed skin care professional who works either in a skin care facility or healthcare facility.  These professionals provide skin care treatment, tips and make up tips to patients and clients who have suffered from an accident or illness or someone who is facing an extreme skin condition or disease.

A Medical Aesthetician must not only possess a good amount of interest in the field of skin care and treatment but must also qualify for the position by fulfilling various educational requirements and training requirements.  Infact, one also needs to be licensed or certified before practicing the profession.  The following are some of the main education requirements of a medical Aesthetician

Medical Aesthetician Education Requirements:

  • In order to become a Medical Aesthetician, a candidate must first complete his/her schooling and obtain a high school diploma or certificate.
  • The next step in education to become a medical aesthetician is to pursue a cosmetology course from a cosmetology college and obtain an associate degree in the same field.
  • The course teaches students about facials, microdermabrasion and hair removal processes.
  • One can also take up a medical specialty course or program in order to pursue this field of work.

Medical Aesthetician Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The following are some of the degree, certification and courses requirements which an aspiring medical Aesthetician needs to fulfil.

  • High school diploma from a recognized school is a must.
  • Pursuing a Cosmetology associate degree or a related program or diploma course is a must and mandatory requirement.
  • Medical aestheticians must also fulfil licensing requirements to practice the profession and for this, they need to complete an approved cosmetology program before passing the state licensing examination which consists of a written and practical test.

Medical Aesthetician Qualification and Training:

Besides the education and formal academic requirements, a medical aesthetician needs to fulfil certain training requirements as well. Candidates can take up aesthetician training or complete a 1200 hour aesthetician training program. Another way to gain experience in this field is to do a practical course or take volunteer experience for a few months’ time period.

Medical Aesthetician Colleges and Universities:

Medical Aesthetician Wages and Salaries:

Any person who works as a medical aesthetician at a clinic or a healthcare center can expect to earn an annual median salary of $31720 on an average. This figure can improve with experience and by working at a healthcare facility of a good reputation.



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