Media Education Requirements

The media is today called the fourth estate and it makes a difference by the stature it has in the corporate sector. No industry is bereft of the eyes of the media. The jobs are challenging as the media is responsible for collecting various news from across the globe, and presenting them in the most appropriate form to the audience or readers. The media is no more reporting of mere incidents. The proportion of this sector is huge now.

There are various capacities at which the media people work. There are the editors; there are the sub editors, the reporters, the executives, the news readers, the news agents, the informants, there are the cameramen, the various technical coordinators, the programmers, the IT people, so on and so forth. The variety of job roles in media does not limit the educational qualifications. Considering that both technical and non-technical people are required in this industry, the educational qualifications differ too. The main qualifications that are required in this field of work are as follows:

  • Candidate should be a major in journalism
  • Candidate should have attended a course in news reading and reporting
  • Candidate should be able to perform camera work
  • Candidate should be a mass communications major

The requirements vary with the job category.

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