Media Buyer Education and Job Requirements

Media Buyer Requirements

In the advertising world, media space and time are the two most important focal points. Media space on billboards and print media and media time on electronic media like websites and television are in huge demand at present. These are bought by the media buyers who work for various advertising and marketing divisions in the companies. They interact with the clients, learn about the products they wish to market, their budget and demographics and reserve a media space accordingly on the media of the choice of the clients.

Education Requirements:

  • A graduate degree from the college is the minimum requirement to get an employment position as a media buyer in a reputed company.
  • Employers prefer graduates from fields like advertising, business administration, marketing and related fields.
  • A specialization in mass communication is also helpful.
  • Large advertising or marketing agencies provide special training program for interested candidates.
  • Many media buyers emerge from other departments of the same company by gaining experience through the years.

Job Requirements:

  • The media buyers should be extremely proficient in negotiation skills as well as interpersonal skills.
  • They should be able to meet deadlines and deliver the task on time.
  • The candidates should be competent and contemporary to beat their competitors to book a space for the media they wish to project.
  • The candidates should have the ability to anticipate the advertising and marketing trends to be successful in this job.

By keeping the above mentioned details in mind, one can look for the perfect media buyer.

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