Mechanical Engineering College Requirements

Mechanical engineering requirements are a set of pre requisites which must be satisfied by the candidates who are looking forward to pursue their professional studies in a mechanical engineering college. Mechanical engineering is a popular branch of engineering which focuses on the mechanics based education. The students in mechanical engineering are taught about a variety of engineering practices and are given specialized knowledge pertaining to machines, mechanical technologies, nanotechnology etc. Almost all the engineering colleges include this specialization of engineering.

Requirements for admission in a mechanical engineering college

The following are the prerequisites that a candidate is required to satisfy in order to get admission in a mechanical engineering course:

Mechanical engineering requisites at undergraduate level:

  • The students looking forward to pursue mechanical engineering must be at least 16 years of age.
  • To get admission in a Mechanical engineering college candidate must have passed high school diploma with mathematics as one of the major subject or must have completed GED.
  • After completing the high school, a candidate is required to take an entrance examination. Candidates can either take SAT or ACT exam and then are required to submit their exam scores along with other documents required for admission. The candidates with highest exam scores, above than the cut off percentage are given priority. Hence better the results, better are chances of getting admission, but exam results are not the sole criteria for admission.
  • Along with exam results, candidates are required to submit recommendation letters for the admission.
  • The students looking forward for admission in mechanical engineering course are required to pass a medical examination which checks their basic physical fitness.

Mechanical engineering requisites at graduate level:

The graduate level engineering program is the master’s degree in mechanical engineering where one specializes in the advanced concepts of mechanical engineering technologies. Following are the mechanical engineering requirements at the graduate level:

  • One must have completed bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with good marks and from an accredited institution.
  • The candidates must have completed at least half yearly internship training in mechanical engineering department in order to understand the implementation of conceptual mechanical knowledge.
  • Although it’s not a mandatory requirement, but if a candidate possesses some work experience after the undergraduate degree program, then it can be beneficial for the candidate and the chances of admission get enhanced due to the practical experience of the candidate in the mechanical field.

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