Mechanical Designer Educational Requirements

A mechanical designer’s job is to design mechanical equipments and devices, or improve the manufacturing system and process and work with engineers to improve the quality of the product, design the prototype, testing the product, etc. Designers develop models of products and layout of the process of manufacturing after obtaining the required inputs (specifications, requirements) and test it to make changes.

Mechanical designers work closely with product engineers and once the engineers approve the designs, the product is made. Other work of designers includes printing and archiving of designs. Skills required include knowledge of computer aided design (CAD) and other software that aid in industrial designing.

Mechanical Designer Educational Requirements: 

  • Candidates require knowledge and knowhow for a continued and intense technical education.
  • Candidates who wish to pursue mechanical designing need to have good grades in school, with primary focus on science and arts (for a perspective on aesthetics).
  • One must pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical technology or mechanical engineering. Such courses require you to have studied subject’s like-algebra, geometry, trigonometry/ algebra 2, physics.
  • A candidate aspiring to become a mechanical designer should have good visual and communication skills; he/ she should also be a good team player who can make improvements according to the teams advices and suggestions.

Mechanical Designer Degrees, courses and certifications: 

  • High school diploma (algebra, trigonometry, physics, geometry).
  • Associate degree in Mechanical Design or Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Technology.
  • One can also opt for a certificate course in Mechanical Designing while pursuing other courses like Physics major or Engineering. These certificate courses are recognised by the American Design Drafting Association or Autodesk. One has to qualify an exam and the voluntary certificate is given.

Mechanical Designer Qualification and Training: 

  • In a Mechanical Designing Course, one is trained in the Computer Aided Design- Designing and are required to make 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional computer models.
  • System calculation, mechanical engineering technology is taught.
  • Designing consumer goods, assemblies are taught most. One usually begins with designing clutches, fasteners, etc.
  • Testing of designs is one of the most important aspects of designing; It is durability under required conditions that really makes a product design accepted and applied. One learns testing of stress, strength and other required properties like malleability, heat and electricity induction, etc.

Mechanical Designers Colleges and Universities: 

Mechanical Designers Wages and Salaries: 

The average salary of a mechanical designer is $64,000 per annum. Depending upon the work profile and experience it varies between $40,000 and $80,000.

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