Mathematics Teacher Education Requirements

Mathematics teachers instruct their pupils in various mathematics concepts that range from the simple arithmetic to the more complex calculus. Math teachers usually work with the students of a junior or high school and they are responsible for assessing homework and taking gradation tests. While a bachelor’s degree in mathematics is enough to land a job, some states require master’s degree in the subject that typically lasts for two years. Students undergoing such programs have to complete research projects on student assessments and teaching methodologies. Some teaching practicum could also be incorporated for helping the students implement their learning.

Mathematics Teacher Education Requirements

  • Public school mathematics teachers must have bachelor’s degree and the license to teach in this regard from the state. Private school mathematics teachers usually require a bachelor’s degree but need not be licensed.
  • Universities and colleges offering bachelor’s degrees in education with majors on mathematics can be considered. Some institutes offer programs particularly for those intending to take up high or middle school teaching. Most schools offer comprehensive programs that enable teachers to seek employment at the grade level

Mathematics Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are some degrees and certifications required for a mathematics teacher:

  • Bachelor of science in mathematics
  • Master of science in mathematics
  • Diploma in applied mathematics

Mathematics Teacher Qualifications and Training

Most states require a public school teacher to have some experience in teaching. The bachelor’s program usually includes teaching practicum or internship. This enables the student to teach under the guidance of a licensed senior teacher. Duties could range from helping teachers to prepare mathematics lectures to tutoring students in special subjects like calculus or geometry.

Mathematics Teacher Colleges and Universities

Mathematics Teacher Wages and Salary

Post graduate math teachers can earn about $65,000 annually, on an average. The average salary of the head of department for mathematics is $77,000.

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