Materials Manager Education and Job Requirements

Materials Manager Requirements

Material management is a specialised job involving wide range of responsibilities. These comprise of managing the people working for inventory management, book keeping of inventory, planning and organizing procurement of inventory, looking after its transportation and distribution, and look after storage conditions of materials in the warehouse. So the job of materials manager involves handling multiple tasks and therefore a candidate who has had experience in handling multiple activities in a warehouse can aspire to become a successful candidate. Following are the education and job requirements needed for the post.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates need to at least complete their Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, logistics, warehouse management, etc.
  • Certification courses in any of the above subjects can also be considered as an additional advantage.
  • Candidates who undergo trainee or apprenticeship in materials management can consider their candidature to be better eligible for the job of a Materials Manager.
  • Most of the aspirants looking to become Materials Manager need to start working as an inventory assistant or inventory coordinator.

Job Requirements:

  • As a materials manager, one needs to improve the effectiveness of the inventory and materials department.
  • Candidates should have good eye for detail as they have to take decisions on quality of materials, their price, demand conditions, storage conditions, availability of suppliers, transportation options, etc.
  • A Materials manager needs to be ready to travel to different warehouses and company locations.
  • Material managers are also expected to manage the safety standards in the materials department and maintain quality assurance of materials.

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