Material Handler Education Requirements

The material handler education requirement should be such that it provides you with the knowledge of various aspects of material handling and understanding of the industry at large. As a part of the material handler education, you will get to learn about the various material handling equipments used in different industries for storage, movement, and control of various products and goods within a specific premise. To pursue the career of a material handler, you need to have working knowledge of material handling and storage equipment like conveyors or engineered material handling systems, industrial trucks, motorized transfer trolleys, rail transfer carts, and other equipments for lifting heavy machinery. The objective of your education will be to impart knowledge about material handling as most of the equipment handling experience will be gained on the job.

Material Handler Education Requirements:

  • There is a basic educational requirement to pursue a career as a material handler and that is a high school diploma or equivalent education or General Educational Development (GED) tests.
  • Any certification courses in material handling will be an added advantage. Some of the certificate courses that you can pursue include Certified Associate in Materials Handling (CAMH), Professional Certified in Materials Handling (PCMH), and Material Handling Equipment training certification by FTT
  • You can also complete a certification course that will train you to operate different material handling equipments. Such certification courses include Pallet and non pallet powered truck training certification, overhead/mobile crane training & rigging certification, skid steer and wheel loaders training certification, Scissor Lifts, Knuckle Boom, Straight Boom, Shunt Truck And Personnel Lift training certification.

Material Handler Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

In order to become a certified material handler and pursue a career of consistent growth, you need to hold a basic minimum educational degree. The education that you need to complete includes:

  • High school diploma with high General Educational Development (GED) scores.
  • Certified Associate in Materials Handling (CAMH)
  • Professional Certified in Materials Handling (PCMH)
  • Certification in operating Materials Handling Equipments

Material Handler Qualification and Training:

You will gain most of your experience through certification training where you will be provided both theoretical knowledge and practical overview. As a part of the equipments training, you will get the opportunity to operate different types of material handling equipments including forklifts. This experience will be crucial towards your career goals.

Material Handler Colleges and Universities:

Material Handler Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of material handler can vary from $20,849 to $37,715 while the median expected salary in the United States for material handler is $24,000. The average annual salary varies depending on the type of material handling equipments being used. As a material handler using a forklift, your salary will be $23,000 but if you are using multiple warehouse equipments then the salary would be $28,000.

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