Massage Therapist Education Requirements

These days career in massage therapy is on a steady acclivity which gave rise to various schools offering courses related to the particular profession. Most of these educational institutes focus on providing strong knowledge to its students about the field by emphasizing on intensive pathology and function of human anatomy.

Along with it, on-hand experiences provided by these institutes through the means of internship and trainings help the student in adapting new ways and techniques of massage therapy. Hence, apart from formal education, knowledge gained through experiences is also an important pre-requisite for this career.

Massage Therapist Education Requirements

  • After completion of senior secondary level, the individual aspiring to become a massage therapist can opt for associate courses in Massage Therapy. These courses are much more specific in providing knowledge regarding various available techniques for massage therapy and its practical applicability.
  • If a person intended to learn and acquire knowledge in this field on broader spectrum, then a graduation degree on Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massages helps to deliver improved and advanced therapy. It also helps in gaining knowledge regarding various aspects of massage therapy like how to give trigger or myotherapy massages.
  • Certification acquire through on-job experiences are also important for this field. Trainings on various related massage therapy like reflexology, muscles and skin muscles not only benefits in learning practical applicability but also impart the knowledge of professional ethics and standards associated with this field.

Massage Therapist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Massage therapist must ensure to have at least the following qualities in order to contribute significantly on this field.

  • High School Degree
  • Bachelor in Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massage
  • Associate Degree in Massage Therapy, Reflexology
  • Vocational Courses on Massage Safety and Emergency Management
  • License Certification For Practicing

Massage Therapist Qualifications and Trainings

A qualified massage therapist is highly preferred in this field as they are supposed to have extensive knowledge on various related field. However, training is one of the indispensable way through which one could learn new things in this field. It is always advisable to undergo service specific training like sports massage, cranio-sacral massage, deep tissue or myofascial massage cardiac muscle massage etc.

Massage Therapist Colleges and Universities

Massage Therapist Wages and Salary

The salary of a massage therapist is stipulated depending on the field of working and qualification. However, it generally varies between $23,000 – $60, 00 per year.

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