Mass Media Education and Job Requirements

Mass Media Requirements

A Mass Media profile involves using all popular communication channels like Internet, TV, Radio and Newspapers to dig out information of public interest and relay the same to the whole world as a broadcast. Using presence on the internet and having a popular website goes a long way in generating popular interest on topics that a mass media company would want to. Going after key high-profile stories which impact a much larger section of the society and bringing those stories to a huge mass of people through popular communication channels also constitutes the various activities which fall under mass media.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate must have completed 12+ years of education and she must have done some professional degree or diploma in mass communications with specialization in mainstream media.
  • The candidate must have studied English and social sciences till class 12th, and should be fully acquainted with the same.
  • Specialization in mass advertising and managing media relationships is a plus.

Job Requirements

  • Ability to work under pressure and constant deadlines is a much needed trait.
  • Readiness to travel both locally and nationally as well as internationally on a short notice is another necessary requirement.
  • Willingness to use a wide spectrum of popular media tools like TV, Radio and Newspapers etc. to incite public interest on a topic is a must-be attribute.
  • Having a strong information network which can get you stories before people come to know about the same – is a much preferred talent.
  • Contacts and network in the TV and Film Industries apart from the literary and intellectual circles is a must-be requirement.

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