Marriage Certificate Requirements

A marriage certificate is a legal proof of a marriage’s registration. Hence marriage certificate requirements are the legal procedures followed in order to get a marriage registered which shows that a couple is legally married. The marriage certificate is used by people to prove that they are legally married for various purposes like for getting passports, family visas, and to change the maiden names. Marriages can be registered in any part of the world on the basis of every country’s marriage acts. Like India supports two marriage acts – Hindu marriage act and Special marriage act. While in many countries marriage registrations can also be done through Churches. In USA both the people who are getting married can obtain a marriage license by applying it before a Clerk at a Clark County Marriage Bureau.

What are the issuing authorities and issuing procedures for a Marriage Certificate?

Authorities who issue marriage certificate under the Hindu marriage act:

Parties can apply for the marriage certificate to the registrar and the marriage is solemnized in the front of the registrar only. A date is issued by registrar and only within a month of issued date.

Authorities who issue marriage certificate under the Special marriage act:

The parties who are looking forward to get married must give a notice to the marriage officer of their area and if notice is given to some other marriage officer than if no objection is expected received within a month the marriage officer of the jurisdiction of any of the parties. In this case, marriage must be solemnized followed by registration by a marriage officer.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Marriage Certificate?

  • The minimum age limitations defined for getting married must be followed where the parties are obtaining marriage certificate.
  • The two people getting married cannot be of same sex, one has to be a biological male and other must be biological female.
  • The parties applying for marriage must either be unmarried or divorced and if married previously, than the spouse from that previous marriage must not be alive.
  • The parties cannot have a prevailing relationship of any kind that is prohibited by law.
  • Before applying for marriage certificate, identification of name and age is required.
  • At some places and under the laws of some countries, a blood test is required before marriage.
  • No party must lack in any capacity to the consent of the marriage due to any sort of mental incapacity or infirmity.

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