Marketing Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Marketing Trainee Requirements

The job of a marketing trainee is to learn the dynamics of a company’s marketing plans and implement it in his day to day work schedule. A marketing trainee is taught all kinds of jobs including planning, strategic development, pricing, branding advertising in real life, which he has so far read only in books. So the exposure in terms of experience is really very big for any candidate who aspires to make it big in the marketing world.

Marketing Trainee  Educational Requirements

  • Candidate should have a bachelors degree in commerce or in any business related course
  • Candidate should preferably have a masters degree in marketing
  • candidate should have basic knowledge of MS office and excellent communication skills

Marketing Trainee Job Requirements

  • Applicant should be goal driven and should be really motivated about work and all the activities in his department
  • Applicant should have excellent negotiating and conversational kills which is one the main pillars of success in the marketing industry
  • Applicant should know the art of persuasion and should be able to negotiate well with clients

Presence of mind and hard work are the two pillars which are very important along with all these qualities for a candidate to become a successful marketing executive

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