Marketing Education Requirements

Any organization requires marketing to establish itself in the market. Be it a big organization or a small firm, marketing is an indivisible part of the businesses. With rising competition marketing strategies and the various innovative ways can determine the popularity of a company. The various marketing tricks come from experience and not only from educational qualifications. There is much more to learn on the job than in the books.

The various job roles in the marketing sector are that of a marketing manager, marketing executive, back office online marketing, advertising agent, campaign executive, research manager, direct marketing manager, customer relationship executives, campaign executives. Based on the different job roles the educational requirements do not change much. Some time the experience matters. However, the educational qualifications required to get recruited in the marketing department are as follows:

  • Candidate should be a major in marketing and sales
  • Candidate should have a major in Business Administration
  • Candidate should be a post graduate in mass communication
  • Candidate should be a graduate in commerce

The requirements differ but mostly, commercial education is what helps you in the long run. Though you can pick up a job through experience, to get selected in the job role of a marketing employee, you should be a commerce graduate with masters degree.

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