Marketing Assistant Education and Job Requirements

Marketing Assistant Requirements

A Marketing Assistant profile needs great skill and experience in the art of marketing and / or sales. A Marketing Assistant needs to be fully conversant with the product on offer, rates and price bands available for marketing the product along with the margin and commission information. He should also support the marketing manager with all the various marketing campaigns that the company plans to use and drive the launch of the same. In fact a marketing assistant needs to be also fully aware of the latest market trends with respect to the product of her company and how does it rate on various key parameters when compared to the competitors. He should also gather market information on the latest trends in terms of lifestyle changes happening in the market together with tracking the demographics of the target population.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate must have completed years of school education and must have done some diploma, certificate or preferably degree course marketing and sales.
  • He must have studied English and Mathematics till Senior Secondary level, and should have good knowledge about these subjects.
  • Internship from a good company in the marketing space can provide much needed hands-on experience for brighter future opportunities.

Job Requirements

  • Good communication and soft skills along with good interpersonal and team skills are very essential.
  • Must have experience on executing marketing campaigns on widely different scales.
  • Prior experience of 1-2 years is desirable but not essential.
  • Adhering to deadlines, meeting targets at all costs and going that extra mile to fulfill company requirements is a much celebrated trait for this profile.

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