Marketing Administrator Education Requirements

A marketing administrator is required in most of the departments of organizations that are involved in strategizing the marketing plans which involves making plans for market development, media management, managing public relations, etc. Candidates who would like to become a marketing administrator should possess at least a Bachelor and master degree education in management or business related subjects.

Candidates should be able to work with various stakeholders like media, customers, management, government, local authorities, etc. The marketing administrators are key to getting new clients, projects and hence may contribute in increased revenue of the firm.

The following are the details regarding the marketing administrator education.

Marketing Administrator Education Requirements:

  • Candidates who are aiming to get into marketing administrator positions without any prior job experience would require having at least a Bachelor’s degree in business management.
  • Those candidates who have relevant full time work experience would need to have business management education through which they can get mid-level management positions.
  • Candidates should have good marketing skills and excellent customer satisfaction skills.
  • Candidates should be able to manage day-to-day activities like creative marketing magazines, newsletters, developing campaigns, etc.

Marketing Administrator Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Candidate who would like to further strengthen their candidates can look at the following courses to get better opportunities as marketing administrator:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration – Marketing Management and Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Associate of Business Administration in Marketing
  • BS in Business Administration – Marketing
  • BS in Internet Marketing
  • International MBA in Marketing
  • Masters – Business Administration: Electronic Commerce Management

Marketing Administrator Qualification and Training:

In terms of qualification and training in order to project as a challenging marketing administrator, candidates should have strong base knowledge in statistical market research, sales and advertising, marketing management, promotions, customer analysis and behavior among other subjects. Candidates with these subject knowledge would be in a better position to execute all the tasks as a marketing administrator successfully.

Marketing Administrator Colleges and Universities:

Marketing Administrator Wages and Salaries:

Candidates who would like to become marketing administrators can get an annual compensation lying between $44,000 and $250,000 depending on the education level and work experience. Candidates who have dynamism and good marketing tactics would be able to perform all the responsibilities as a marketing administrator with maximum efficiency. Popular industries that hire marketing administrators are Information Technology services, banking, telecommunications, marketing, advertising, media management, pharmaceuticals, etc. Pay Scale have done the salary research among professionals in various fields.

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