Marketing Account Manager Education and Job Requirements

Marketing Account Manager Requirements

A Marketing account manager is responsible to maintain the customer accounts of a firm that corresponds to its various marketing activities. The Marketing account manager works to improve the accounts of the most valuable customers. To increase the accounts, the Marketing account managers take up various business development activities that are needed to make prospective customers as loyal customers. Candidates who want to become Marketing account managers should possess a master degree in marketing management. Having computing knowledge, statistical and mathematical skills, etc are given more preference over the others. The following are the educational requirements and job requirements of a Marketing account manager.

Education Requirements:

  • The candidates should have a post graduate degree in marketing and related subjects to become a marketing account manager.
  • Candidates who have prior experience in different marketing areas will find it useful to carry out his or her responsibilities well as Marketing account manager.
  • Candidates should know basic computer knowledge, good communication skills, coordination skills, etc. They can get hands-on experience through live projects and apprenticeships in marketing firms.

Job Requirements:

  • The Marketing account manager should work for extended periods of time to conduct various business development activities and promote the marketing activities to increase the accounts.
  • Candidates who want to become a Marketing account manager should have good communication skills, creativity, knowledge of statistical tools for marketing technique analysis, etc.
  • The Marketing account manager should take up extensive segmentation of target markets to find out which customers could need their products most and who has the most ability to buy.
  • The Marketing account manager should coordinate with other departments like advertising, promotion, sales, business development, etc and synchronise their strategies.

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