Marine Geologist Education Requirements

A marine geologist is a professional whose job is to study, analyze and research the structure, composition and many other aspects of earth and require expert knowledge of physics, chemistry, geography and mathematics to be able to perform the duties associated with this job. A marine geologist may be involved in the exploration of gas, minerals, oil and waste disposal and they also study, oceans, atmospheres etc.

Any person who is interested in this field or wishes to be a marine geologist needs to first complete the education which prepares him/her for the job. The following is a detailed description of the education requirements which one needs to fulfill to be a marine geologist.

Marine Geologist Education Requirements

  • Completing high school education from a recognized school with geography or geology as one of the subjects is the first step towards becoming a marine geologist in the future.
  • Getting a bachelors degree in geology is the second step and is also compulsory if one wants to become a marine geologist.
  • In most cases, master’s level education in geology is also required to gain specialization in the field.

Marine Geologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The aspiring marine geologist professionals must consider following degrees and certifications in order to get the job.

  • High school diploma from a recognized school is compulsory
  • Bachelor’s degree in geology is a compulsory degree which an aspiring marine geologist must have.
  • Master’s level education is also a degree which most marine geologist hold as it acquaints them with the needed specialized knowledge of the field.
  • Some other degrees or courses which one can pursue are marine geophysics, marine geochemistry, marine petroleum studies etc.

Marine Geologist Qualification and Training

Candidates who are interested in becoming marine geologists must polish their knowledge and education by pursuing the above mentioned courses. But besides these courses, they may also need certain amount of training which will help them do well at their job. Some companies provide training programs for marine geologists and these prove really useful. In some cases, at the master’s level education, one may be asked to pursue internship which can further add to the pool of training or experience.

Marine Geologist Colleges and Universities

Marine Geologist Wages and Salaries

The average salary which a marine geologist is most likely to earn per year is $87000. Depending upon individual skills, experience and qualifications, this salary is expected to vary.

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