Manufacturing Planner Education and Job Requirements

Manufacturing Planner Requirements

A Manufacturing Planner is the professional responsible for creating and administering the schedule for the manufacturing process of a product. He is the one who manage all the operations of product manufacturing. He organizes the packaging of the product and its timely delivery to the customer. The manufacturing planner ensures that the customer gets the product in time and it is as per customer’s requirement. The satisfaction of the customer is the main focus of a manufacturing planner. This profile needs a lot of responsibility and credibility of the candidate. They also need to coordinate between the sales and purchase departments to manage the supply chain of the product cycle.

Educational Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in processing and manufacturing, Business Administration or Operations Management as a major subject is essential.
  • Must be computer literate so that the data entry and other required work can be performed by him.
  • Deep interest and knowledge about quality control measures and techniques is needed.
  • He must have in depth knowledge about all the technologies applied in manufacturing industry.

Job Requirements

  • Should have extensive experience of 9 to 12 years in operations management.
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders and third parties or vendors and create value for the organization is highly desirable.
  • Experience in deciding the viability of a project based on the rate of return from it is essential.
  • Awareness of all the threats to the manufacturing sector and the capacity to mitigate risks and creating and executing business continuity plan for the same is a mandatory requirement.

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