Make-Up Artist Education and Job Requirements

Make-Up Artist Requirements

The job of a make-up artist is to give the desired look to the artists by making use of the various make-up tools such as make-up kit, wigs, cosmetics etc. There are many opportunities available for the make-up artist while the most challenge and rewarding one is with the unit of a film production. The make-up is very important as he has the job of making a person look beautiful by hiding all the loopholes a person has. It is needless to say that the make-up artist even creates artificial scars and blemishes if required by a film.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate should necessarily have a course certification in production arts.
  • The candidates having a certification in fashion makeup will be an added advantage.
  • The candidates that have a diploma in hairdressing, beauty therapy will be most preferred for this position.
  • Even the candidates that have acquired a qualification in cosmetology will be considered most suitable for this position.

Job Requirements

  • The candidates who posses a make-up artist license will be given highest preference.
  • The candidates that have prior experience of working with a production team will be considered for this position.
  • The ideal candidate must be willing to perform even under extreme pressure situations and show results in least specified time frame.
  • The make-up artist must also be a person capable of working successfully with other team members in a proper manner by keeping up the team spirit.
  • The candidate should be willing to work in shift specified and in tough working conditions as well.
  • The candidate should have creative bent of mind.

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