Maintenance Technician Education Requirements

A maintenance technician is a person who is responsible for the technical maintenance work of a physical asset of a property. A maintenance technician is responsible for installations, repair and other technical tasks in a working organisation. This job position can mean a different set of responsibilities for different fields or work backgrounds. A maintenance technician may require a certain set of educational requirements and other skill based qualifications and without these qualifications, a person cannot attain this job position.

A maintenance technician is required to handle repair and maintain plant machinery and equipments such as pumping units, geysers, cooling and heating systems, compressors and conveyers. They also conducted inspection works and to ensure safety and precaution tasks. One must be a college graduate from a recognised college or school. Other than this one is also required to fulfil other skill based qualifications such as knowledge of technical aspects of machines, electric equipments etc.

Maintenance technician education requirements:

  • One is required to complete high school education from an accredited school so as to be eligible for the job of a maintenance technician.
  • A person must be a graduate in a Science subject or must hold a diploma certificate in a maintenance technician coursework or training program which imparts the knowledge of all the different tasks of a maintenance technician.
  • Besides these educational requirements, the person must be able to repair a well drafted report and should have good communication skills.

Maintenance technician degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school with a percentage of 50% or above.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a science subject or a diploma course in computers, electronics, electrical or other technical subject.
  • Coursework in computer repair and installations, electrical wiring or other technical training program is a must to be able to meet the responsibilities of this job.

Maintenance technician qualifications and training:

A training program in technical maintenance can be provided by a number of institutes or technical training centres and hence any candidate interested in this job position can take such training programs to nurture their skills and talent. He/she must also be a hardworking individual who has an analytical bend of mind.

Maintenance technician colleges and universities

Maintenance technician wages and salaries:

Though the salary of a maintenance technician can vary depending upon the exact nature of the job but on an average the yearly salary of the candidate is around $41000.

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