Maintenance Planner Education and Job Requirements

Maintenance Planner Requirements

The maintenance planner has a host of responsibilities to shoulder. He/she has to formulate the policies for the installation, maintenance and upgrading of the machine equipments and tools in a company. The maintenance planner coordinates with his/her team members and subordinate staffs to implement the policies and test the application of those measures. It is also the duty of the maintenance planner to regularly monitor the performance quality of the machines and the various equipments that are continuously operational in the working system of the company and support its network of different activities.

Educational requirements:

  • The interested candidate must have a passing diploma of a high school with decent grades in the science stream with mathematics as one of the subjects.
  • Should be an undergraduate in mechanical or electrical engineering from a reputed educational institute with decent grades.
  • Must have the necessary certifications and permits from accredited institutes that vouch for the candidate’s ability to understand and execute maintenance planning assignments.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 4 years at an executive level handling the projects related to maintenance and upgrading of machines and equipments.
  • Must have the expertise to calculate costs of maintenance of a specific network of machines and tools and should focus on optimizing the operating expenses without any loss of efficiency.
  • Must be able to quickly locate the technical defects of the machines and electrical networks and initiate necessary remedial measures, working in a team.
  • Must have excellent skills of documentation to record the maintenance planning related activities on a regular basis.

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