Maintenance Mechanic Education and Job Requirements

Maintenance Mechanic Requirements

The responsibilities of a maintenance mechanic entail several interesting tasks. The chief among those is locating the technical defects of the machines and electrical equipments and making arrangements of repairing them in quick time. The maintenance mechanic reports to the supervisor about the progress of the ongoing assignment or the completion details of a particular project. It is very essential that the maintenance mechanic is aware of the fundamental operational features of the machines and their different parts so that they find it no problem in installing and upgrading them on a periodic basis or as per the requirement.

Education requirements:

  • The interested candidate must attain a high school diploma from a reputed school in the science stream with decent grades.
  • An under-graduate degree from a good college or university in the field of mechanical or electrical engineering with decent grades is required.
  • Certified training in maintenance related projects from an accredited institute works highly in favor of the candidate.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 2 years in an esteemed company in a position that is centered on handling maintenance related projects.
  • Should be regularly inspecting the various electrical systems, circuits and equipments for any faults.
  • Must be able to locate the technical defects of the equipments and/or the machine parts and quickly decide on the remedial measures to be taken and initialize those.
  • The candidate should be possessing excellent skills of documentation for recording the regular activities of maintenance and repair work in the company.

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