Maintenance Manager Education Requirements

A maintenance manager is an employee of a maintenance works company who looks after the installation, repair and overall maintenance of a client’s property, mechanical systems and all the machinery. A maintenance manager is responsible for ensuring that all of the above mentioned entities are properly maintained and looked after. This work may require a maintenance manager to possess certain educational qualifications and skills such as attention to details, managerial skills, knowledge of mechanics, electrical systems etc.

The job of a maintenance manager has a lot to do with administrative work and may or may not require formal educational specifications from the employer’s point of view. This work can be divided into several sub categories such as dry walling, electrical wiring, painting, construction works, repair, installation, cooling and heating systems etc and the maintenance manager may also delegate work to a group of people working under/for him.

Maintenance manager education requirements:

The following are the educational requirements which are required from an aspiring maintenance manager:

  • One is always required to have a high school passing certificate which specifies the grades with which the candidate has passed.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline may or may not be required but generally formal college education is not required and more of training on the job is necessary for this job.
  • Knowledge of electrical wiring systems, repair work, installations, construction works, plumbing, dry walling, flooring etc is highly necessary for anyone who is interested in becoming a maintenance manager.
  • The first and foremost requirement is to have a high school diploma from an accredited school of the state.

Maintenance manager degrees, courses and certifications:

  • Diploma coursework in building maintenance or maintenance manager can also be quite useful.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline followed by a diploma course in management or maintenance is another way to become a maintenance manager.
  • Courses in plumbing, electrical systems, flooring, dry walling, installations, repair work construction etc are also important.

Maintenance manager qualifications and training:

One must be a skilled maintenance worker first to look after the management work related to this field. Only a person with exceptional managerial skills can handle the job duties of a maintenance manager. Training in all the tasks related to maintenance works can be taken up as well.

Maintenance manager colleges and universities

Maintenance manager wages and salaries:

The average salary of a maintenance manager is $40000 along with perks offered by the company.

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