Maintenance Clerk Education and Job Requirements

Maintenance Clerk Requirements

The maintenance clerk has a host of responsibilities that encompass mainly administrative works. The tasks include filing for the records of the activities on a regular basis and keeping a track of the information about the various machines and equipments that are maintained. He/she needs to document the refurbishment details of the machine tools and also record their performance levels on a timely basis. He/she works under a maintenance supervisor and needs to be well aware of regulatory framework of the company. A maintenance clerk usually works in the commercial facilities and also in the manufacturing industries.

Education requirements:

  • The candidate must have a high school diploma from a good educational institute in any stream with decent grades.
  • A bachelor’s degree in administrative studies or in any subject related to the field is a must to be considered for the post.
  • Certificated training in clerical assignments from an accredited institute would hugely work in favor of the applicant.

Job requirements:

  • An experience of minimum 1 year in a clerical post in a reputed company.
  • Must have expertise in locating and recording the details of the technical defects in the machinery and other equipments.
  • Should gather and file information about the refurbishment and other maintenance related works of the equipments.
  • Should have excellent coordination skills and must be able to integrate one’s self within the regulatory framework of the company.
  • Must keep a tab of the details of purchase of the machine spare parts and related tools.

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